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Our Clients (past and present) - Jennifer Lopez, Joey Fatone, Baby Bash, New Boyz, The Jabborwockies Vegas Show, America's Best Dance Crew (5 seasons), DJ Dwreck, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Ms. Toi, Sly Boogie, Kel Williams, SkyLine, Phoenix Orion, Aaron Fresh, Duke, DJ Baby Chino, Soulja Boy, Roscoe Dash, Kristine name a few.

Our Story - Invincible in a Sneaker Nation - If you're young at heart and like to stand out in a crowd as the center of attention, KickBars will help you add a little glitz and glamour to you favorite lace-ups. As a young boy growing up in Texas. Martin would sneak into his mom's hidden safe, using it as a playground for his imagination, and decorate his laces with her diamond trinkets and rings. His adorning days in the 1980's was the catalyst for KickBars. -Adventura Magazine cover: Jodie Foster

Diamonds on Your Shoes - KickBars go where no bling has gone before

New York- KickBars are the brainchild of Los Angeles entreprenuer Robert B. Martin Jr., who in creating the blinged-out bars may have invented a new category of accessory: shoe jewelry. -Brenner Thomas, DNR Magazine

J Lo started a fashion coup by adding not one, not two, but 3 Robert B Martin Jr SneakBars to her sneakers on the American Music Awards. Those are the "rhinestone-pave bars that slip on to shoelaces for heavyweight style." - jesseacohen Blogspot


Closet Craving: Jennifer Lopez's Sneaker Secret - J Lo wore these "SNEAKBARS" by designer Robert B. Martin Jr. during her boxing themed performance at this year's American Music Awards. SneakBars are rhinestone-pave bars that slipon to shoelaces. J Lo sported the original bar design, but SneakBars are avail in other shapes such as horseshoe, guitar, and skulls. Sneaker bling. - by ShopGirl27


FAQs & Press

Our Product - KickBars are diamond-encrusted bars that brilliantly lace through shoelaces. This mechanism is patented as it is a revolution in modern jewelry design. The actual bar is made of 14K white gold and comes in a pave or invisible setting. Inside the barlay gorgeous round cut diamonds. KickBars come in a array of colors such as: white, pink, black, green, and yellow. KickBars offers a new and innovative way to express style as well as individuality. -XPOZ Magazine  Fashion Trends story by Sean Johnson

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